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Cancellation insurance included
Cancel free of charge for 25 reasons

We highlight the main coverages among others:

  • Travel cancellation expenses, up to 10.000€ per person (25 justified reasons)

  • Refund of holidays not enjoyed, up 3.000 €.

  • Medical and health care, up 30.000 €.

  • Convalescence in hotel, up 1.500€.

  • Dental expenses, up 250 €.

At the same time of the incident, 24/7, call the helpline +34 93 300 10 50. They will indicate to you the procedure step by step in order to solve your problem.

Make sure you comply with one of the justified causes for cancellation set out in the conditions of your policy.

Contact the hotel to cancel the reservation and request your invoice. You will be able to request reimbursement from the insurance company through

  1. Due to death, hospitalisation of at least one night, serious illness or serious bodily injury of:
    a) The Insured Party or any of their relatives, understood as such in accordance with this Policy’s General Conditions.
    b) The Insured Party’s family, their spouse, de facto couple or person who lives with them - family being understood as such in accordance with this Policy’s General Conditions.
    c) The person responsible for, during the trip, the Insured Party's children ordisabled people under their care.
    d) The Insured Party’s direct substitute in their job, provided that this circumstance results in the requirement from the Company in which they are employed preventing them from making the trip.

  2. Insured Party being summoned as a witness or to serve on a jury in court.

  3. Being selected as a polling station staff member for state, autonomous or municipal elections.

  4. If the dates of any public examinations summoned through a public body that the Insured party will sit are announced after the insurance has been taken out. This may also affect the Insured Party as a member of the Tribunal for these exams.

  5. Serious damages to the Insured Party’s main or secondary residence, or professional premises if they are the direct operator or self-employed, caused by fire, explosion, robbery or by the force of nature and their presence is essential.

  6. Due to dismissal of the Insured party. In no case will this insurance be used upon termination of an employment contract, voluntary resignation or failure to pass a trial period. In all cases, the insurance must have been signed before a written notification of the dismissal was given to the employee by the Company.

  7. The Insured party starting a new job, in a different company with an employment contract of longer than six months and provided that the incorporation occurred after registration of the travel and, therefore, after taking out this Insurance policy.

  8. When the Insured party must pay more than € 600 to the tax department - the Ministry of Economics and Public Administrations - because of their end of year tax declaration.

  9. Act of aerial, terrestrial or naval piracy that makes it impossible for the insured party to start their trip on the scheduled dates.

  10. A call for the surgical intervention of the Insured party, including any prior medical tests that need to be carried out for such an intervention. (Including organ transplantation as a recipient or donor).

  11. A call from the Public Health system to the Insured Party or their first or second degree relatives to carry out medical tests as a matter of urgency, provided they are justified by the seriousness of the case.

  12. Serious complications in pregnancy where medical recommendations require the Insured party, their spouse, defacto partner or live-in partner to rest or to be hospitalised, and as long as the complications that have arisen have occurred after taking out the insurance policy and put the continuity or development of that pregnancy at serious risk.

  13. Premature birth of the Insured party’s child.

  14. Police arrest of the Insured party for non-criminal causes, occurring after the insurance has been taken out.

  15. Judicial summons for proceedings of a divorce that was agreed after the arranging the travel.

  16. An urgent requirement to join the armed forces, police or fire services, as long as the incorporation is notified after the insurance policy has been taken out.

  17. Medical quarantine following an accidental event.

  18. Unexpected call for organ transplantation of: The INSURED PARTY or a relative. The companion of the INSURED PARTY, registered in the same reservation.

  19. Request to sign official documents before the Public Administration during the trip.

  20. Delivery of a child for adoption, when the date coincides with the dates of in trip.

  21. An official declaration of a catastrophe in the INSURED PARTY's place of residence or travel destination. An official declaration of a catastrophe in a location that the Insured Party must cross to reach their destination is also covered by this guarantee, provided that this is the only way to access said destination. A maximum compensation amount of € 30,000 is established per claim.

  22. Judicial declaration of the bankruptcy of a company that prevents the INSURED PARTY from carrying out their professional activity.

  23. Theft of documentation or luggage that makes it impossible for the INSURED PARTY to start their trip.

  24. Cancellation of the trip by the person who was to accompany the Insured Party on the trip, provided they had registered their trip, which this contract covers, at the same time as the Insured Party, and provided that the cancellation is due to one of the causes listed above and, because of that cause, the Insured Party has to travel alone.

  25. Cancellation of the trip by a relative who was to accompany the Insured Party on the trip, provided they had registered their trip at the same time and which this contract covers, at the same time as the Insured Party, and provided that the cancellation is due to one of the causes listed above.

Up to 30.000€ of the expenses corresponding to the intervention in health establishments required to treat the insurer, sick or injured, provided that such intervention has been carried out in accordance with the insurer’s medical team.

In case of medical assistance, please contact the assistance center. They will tell you how to proceed and which medical center or hospital to go to. In establishments with which we have an arrangement, the expenses will be covered directly, in all others, you will have to pay the invoice that will be reimbursed to you later.
In the event you need to make any claims, the first thing you must do is inform the insurance company. You will find the phone number in the certificate of your insurance policy that you have received by email, or go to Once you have notified the insurance company, you will have up to 2 years to present the supporting documentation.
Yo do not need to confirm it, it will be done automatically. You will receive an email within minutes of completing your booking with your policy information.
The insurance covers the person who makes the reservation and all its guests. It is of utmost importance that you include them in the policy on As this is the only way to identify your guests, not doing so will result in them not being covered.

If you are making a booking for a third person, you must ensure that it is included in the policy through
Clients who do not show up will lose their right to any claim, thus losing the money deposited at the time of making their reservation.
You will find the cancellation conditions in your confirmation email.
If you choose this rate, Hoteles Poseidon allows you to cancel or modify your booking if the dates are within the alarm state. If this is the case, please contact this telephone number +34 900 37 34 91 or email

When you book the Travel Safely Rate, a free cancellation and travel assistance insurance is automatically included in your booking. You will receive the terms and conditions by email.

Our hotels are located in the main tourist destinations of the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida. Relax by the sea or, if you’re looking for action, explore el Barranc del Infern.

Stay in Benidorm’s city centre. You can walk to “Los Vascos”, the perfect place to enjoy different tapas and become a wine expert, or go to discover the popular Mediterranean Balcony. 
Enjoy the city without giving up rest.
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Hotel 3* Sup, located by the beachfront in Poniente Beach. 
The promenade runs in front of the hotel, designed by architect Carlos Ferrater, and awarded by the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design with the “Best New Global Design”.
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Located at the entrance of Benidorm, in Levante area. Forget your car during the holidays and leave it in our free parking. Get around Benidorm with bus or taxi, both of them available from the hotel.
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Located on the beachfront, with direct access to the beach. 
All our rooms have a terrace with views to the Mediterranean Sea. Experience the sensation of waking up by the sea and contemplate a wild dunes landscape from your room.
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Our little secret. Ideal for a romantic getaway and for the lovers of gastronomic and adventure trips. Get into the heart of Vall de L’Aguar, taste exquisite recipes, and let your imagination wander through the valley as you relax in the hot tub.
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Stay in a hotel with 1.400 m2 SPA and relax in every corner. The hotel is located in La Manga del Mar Menor, which allows to enjoy fantastic views to the Mediterranean Sea and Mar Menor from your room. 
Wake up every morning with the sea breeze.
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Located on the beachfront, at 250 metres from La Playa de la Mata and 5 km from Torrevieja’s city centre. 
All our rooms have a fully equipped terrace with views to the swimming pool and the Mediterranean Sea.
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