Complete guide of Benidorm

One of the best all-inclusive hotels in Benidorm is the Hotel Poseidón. This first class tourist destination welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Find out why.

A bit of history about Benidorm

This Alicante city has a great history. Iberians and Romans are known to have inhabited its lands, and its beaches, which are now lined with umbrellas and towels, suffered several pirate raids during the 15th century. As a result, both the town and its castle were seriously damaged.

For several centuries fishing was the main activity of the entire region. In fact, the importance of its port and the great biodiversity of its waters made its population multiply in a few years. It went from just 200 inhabitants at the beginning of the 18th century to more than 2,700 at the end of the next.

However, its true national and international recognition came around the year 1850. At that time it opened the first spa in the city, which was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the nearby population. Tourism, which initially came to the area to improve its ailments, soon filled its streets.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the railway arrived in the city. The doors of the wagons full of tourists from all over Spain were opened daily to leave hundreds of passengers at their destination. In the 50s, the scarcity of fishing forced most of the residents to abandon the activity and the population focused on the incipient rise of tourists, who at that time began to do what is now known as beach tourism.

At the end of that decade, the town council, aware of the benefits that tourism entailed for its neighbors, rearranged the streets and granted multiple permits for the construction of hotels and apartments. Most of the hotels in Benidorm are located in the newer area of ​​the city. What happened next can be seen in its avenues and in its buildings built on the beachfront, almost all built during this golden age for the city of Benidorm.

What to do in Benidorm

Culture and leisure are the great attractions of this city. Despite the fact that its beaches are some of the most famous in Europe, there are many more plans that will make you spend unforgettable days. If you are wondering what to see in Benidorm, do not miss this compilation.

Museums of interest

The origins of this city lie in fishing, therefore, visit the Cultural Center Maritime will be an enriching experience for you. You will find a large exhibition of models, fishing boats and different marine knots. You will discover the past of Benidorm in a didactic and entertaining way.

We must also mention one of its museums that of the tin soldiers. This curious place is home to more than 2,000 soldiers decorated in great detail and arranged in different formations to recreate historical battles. Without a doubt, a place that you will not forget.


The Mirador de la Cruz is located on a hill on the outskirts of the city. From its upper part you will contemplate the sea and the entire beach line with incomparable views. This magical environment, surrounded by vegetation, will help you escape from the bustle of Benidorm.

It is also worth visiting the Sant Jaume viewpoint. This place serves as a division of the city's beaches. Its access is through long stairs with a beautiful decoration. From its lower area, located at the foot of the sea, you will see the entire coast.

Walking routes

There are many roads and trails that will make you discover the places of Benidorm. One of the most beautiful routes starts at Levante beach. From there you go along the entire coast to Punta del Pinet, an idyllic place with spectacular views. After a short rest, the path begins a slight ascent that gradually increases until it reaches the top of Sierra Helada.

In this place there was a watchtower whose ruins can still be visited. Once here, the route begins its descent until it reaches the city again. In total, 10 km away.

Bike routes

Benidorm has a wide network of bike lanes that you can enjoy, even if your level is low. A circular route through the periphery will discover all the emblematic points of the city and it won't take you more than an hour. If you have a little more time, you can enjoy a ride along  the north coast of the province of Alicante and reach Villajoyosa. They are not more than 30 km and are covered in a little less than two hours. Its roads are very good and the visual spectacle is guaranteed.


Benidorm is surrounded by many charming towns:

Villajoyosa. Just over 10 km away you will find this picturesque town. Its colored houses will catch your attention as soon as you arrive; the coast is full of them. In addition, the Chocolates Valor factory is located in this place and if you wish, you can go inside to take a short guided tour. Of course, practically all of its coastline has beaches, most of them with a blue flag.

Altea. 15 km from the city you will arrive at this town. In contrast to the color of Villajoyosa, here you will find whitewashed houses that will take you to the top of a hill crowned by its church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo. This religious building was built in the 17th century and has a large blue dome that can be seen from the lower part of the town.

Finestrat. Just 8 km from Benidorm is this iconic town. It is located in the middle of the mountain, inland. Most of its streets have a steep slope and its strong point is its castle. Located in the upper area of ​​the town, from its viewpoint you can see the entire region. Several trails start from this town that will take you all over the mountains. If you like hiking, take the opportunity.

Terra Mitica. This amusement park is very charming. It has everything you need for you to have a day full of adventures and fun. It is very close to Benidorm and it is possible to get there by public transport.

What you can't miss in gastronomy

The typical dishes of the area still keep many of the old recipes. The city has a wide variety of foods that will make you enjoy every moment:

Soupy rice with red mullet and pumpkin. This complete dish is perfect for the coldest days. Mix ingredients from the sea with vegetables from the garden.
Poor fish casserole. This recipe was typical of lower-class families, hence its name. Composed mainly of potatoes, onions and whatever fish was in the market that day, it was a very nutritious way of eating. Today it is one of the most requested menus. Its taste will not leave you indifferent.
Anchovy rice with spinach. A very tasty dish with a lot of tradition. The saltiness of its anchovies contrasts perfectly with the bitterness of the spinach.
San Blas bun. This delicacy that you will only find in some select pastry shops in the city will awaken all your senses. It is a cultural sign for its inhabitants and the recipe has been passed down for centuries from generation to generation.
Sweet potato cupcakes. Despite containing this vegetable in its composition, its flavor is sweet and mild. We recommend you try one.

In our all-inclusive hotels in Benidorm you will enjoy a high-quality typical menu.


The city has multiple celebrations, some of them very important and of international relevance.

carnivals Benidorm's carnivals fill the streets with color and music for three days in February. The costume parades and the festivals that are held every night become an ideal occasion to visit the city. The festivities end with the burial of the sardine.
Las Fallas During the month of March, the Fallas take center stage. These festivities, very similar to those of Valencia, have nothing to envy to those of the city of Turia. The ninots flood the squares for several days until they are burned on the day of San José.
Easter week. Benidorm has seven brotherhoods that process through its streets throughout the week. Every year more tourists come to see the beautiful images. It is a perfect occasion to enjoy one of our all-inclusive hotels in Benidorm.
San Juan's bonfires. As in Alicante, this festivity is marked on the calendar by all the inhabitants of the city. For four days there are fireworks shows that conclude with the lighting of the bonfires on the Night of San Juan.
Moors and Christians. They take place at the beginning of October. Gunpowder and music take center stage in this event that unites the two cultures during the parades that take place. An event worth knowing.
Festivals. In the month of November the patron saint festivities of Benidorm are celebrated. Parades, mascletás and lots of fun come together for you to spend a few days of madness.

Benidorm in two days

The city has a lot to offer you. If you don't have much time, in two days you will make the most of your stay so as not to miss anything.

First day

The beaches in Benidorm are warm and welcoming. After a long journey you will want to take a relaxing bath. Poniente beach is located in front of our hotel in Benidorm and will allow you to sunbathe from early in the morning. When you have rested, go to the Balcón del Mediterráneo. From there you will have spectacular views of Levante beach, located at the other end of the city. Next, you can spend the afternoon visiting the old town of Benidorm, an environment that will bring you closer to the history of the city to discover its exciting past.

At nightfall, we recommend that you take a walk to the top of the castle. From there you can see the coast and cool off with the breeze from the sea. If you like to party, in Benidorm you will find a great atmosphere at any time of the year. The promenade area is a perfect place for you to disconnect from your day to day and enjoy the music. At the end, it will be time to go to one of the all-inclusive hotels in Benidorm to rest and regain strength.

Second day

After the intensity of the night before, a bit of calm will come in handy. A hiking route through the Sierra Helada Natural Park will make you come into contact with nature. Its trails, surrounded by vegetation, will make you enjoy the mountain and its surroundings. Before eating, stop by the marina, which is located at the foot of the park. Despite its small size, it has beautiful views of the city's beaches and will allow you to observe it from a completely different angle.

If you prefer a higher place, the Sant Jaume viewpoint is a great alternative. After lunch, Levante beach will offer you a good place to rest and soak your feet in the Mediterranean. From here we recommend that you take a walk to the hermitage of the Virgen del Mar. Seeing how the shadow of the skyscrapers falls on the sea from this enclave is priceless. Sunset will bring the end of your trip, but you will have squeezed all the juice out of your short stay.

Benidorm has unique corners, a wide range of beaches and an insurmountable number of tourists. All these elements will make your stay in one of the all-inclusive hotels in Benidorm an unforgettable experience worth sharing.

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