Complete guide of Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar del Segura is one of the most tourist destinations in the country, but do you know all its secrets? We tell you with great detail so that your next vacation is totally unforgettable.

What to visit in Guardamar

There are multiple points of interest in this town located 35 kilometers from Alicante. We summarize them in the following sections.


We begin with what is possibly the best answer to the question of what to visit in Guardamar: the Ingeniero Mira House Museum. He reviews his work, his work in the reforestation of the beach dunes. It was in 2019 when it was fully restored to become a more modern and interactive proposal. It is on Calle Miguel Hernández, 22 and houses the tourist office.

The archaeological museum is home to the Lady of Guardamar, from the 4th century BC. The documents of the redevelopment of the town after the earthquake that occurred in 1829 are also preserved. It is at Calle Colón, 60. Your visit will allow you to learn much more about the history of the city.

The Castle

The fortification is located on a hill and confirms that it was the first location of Guardamar in the 13th century. It was standing until the earthquake, but in its funds the passage of multiple civilizations can be observed. Ex-votos, cauldrons and other objects contribute to confirm the importance of Guardamar for different cultures.

The church of San Jaime

Construction began in 1845 by Larramendi and the work finished in 1910. It is neoclassical, makes the most of natural light and opts for sobriety in its three naves. Inside you can see the Mother of God of the Rosary and San Jaime Peregrino. The visit is worth it.

Beaches in Guardamar

Without a doubt, the beaches in Guardamar are the main protagonists. The privileged coastline on the shores of the Mediterranean guarantees crystal clear waters, the option of practicing all kinds of water sports and, above all, enjoying nature. We review the most interesting.

Moncayo beach

Without a doubt, it is the perfect option for you if you are looking for a beach in the middle of nature and without modernity. Thanks to the quality of its waters and the treatment of the sand, it gets the blue flag year after year. It has a total length of 1,451 meters of blonde sand. It is located at the southern end of the dunes and is at the midpoint between the city and nature. You are going to enjoy every bath and every activity you do.

Babylon beach

It has 1060 meters of blonde sand, the houses reach the beach itself, these being of enormous interest due to their traditional architecture. It is very familiar and it is quite likely that you will find yourself at home. Do not forget your fridge and your lunch box to eat comfortably on the beach.

Tossals beach

It is especially intended for those who practice nudism. Its coastline is 1661 meters and it is located to the north of the mouth of the Segura. It is framed by several dunes and by lush vegetation that enhances its original charm and all its attractions.

Vivers beach

It is also marked by the mouth of the aforementioned river. It is 1,210 meters high and at the back there are two archaeological sites: La Fonteta (a Phoenician city) and the Islamic Caliphal Rábita. Its high occupancy is not an obstacle so that you cannot relax while you walk or bathe.

Cycle tourism in Guardamar

Cycling in Guardamar allows you to get to know the town from another point of view and not miss anything. There are routes of enormous interest such as the 20-kilometer one that goes from Guardamar to La Marina, then passes through El Pinet and returns to the starting point. Another alternative is to cross the Segura river or the one that goes from the port to the beaches passing through the Alfonso XIII park. In short, Guardamar, due to its location, is the best option to explore a good part of Alicante and see everything that surrounds it.

As you have verified, the combination of the above factors are irresistible incentives for you to prepare your trip now. Also add fantastic Mediterranean gastronomy, an average temperature of 25 degrees throughout the year and local festivals (such as Nuestra Señora del Rosario) that will allow you to soak up the essence of your destination.

We encourage you to visit Guardamar del Segura and turn your holidays into a different experience. Come with an open mind, forget about clichés and start betting on a destination that balances culture, fun, nature and gastronomy. Few similar options you will find. And the best thing is that at all times you will be welcome and well attended. Mark the dates of your trip in red on your calendar and enjoy!

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