Quality politics

HOTELES POSEIDÓN, as an organization focused on the provision of lodging and restaurant services, has as its main mission the full satisfaction of its Clients. For this reason, it takes into high consideration their needs and requirements to obtain continuous improvement in their services and activities, in conditions of profitability and competitiveness, optimizing the management of their resources. As basic pillars for the maintenance of its philosophy, HOTELES POSEIDÓN sets as corporate values:

Price quality:

Satisfy the expectations of our clients to the maximum, relying on Quality Management Systems, which allow us to offer a balance between quality and price.

Personalized service:

Giving a personalized service to our clients taking care at all times shows kindness and cordiality.

Continuous improvement:

Develop a spirit of continuous improvement in our work, promoting recycling


Family business:

Use the communication of the family environment that characterizes our company to consolidate our interests.

Work, Simplicity and Ethics:

Foster and transmit a favorable work environment and professional ethics under the

Commitment to increase the degree of training of all our employees.

Social responsability:

Promote equal opportunities, development and participation of all staff, ensuring the transparency of our management, respecting the accessibility of people with disabilities and guaranteeing the safety and health of our collaborators.

Environmental Management Policy:

Understanding that a clean and healthy environment constitutes the basis of these tourist services and being essential for future growth, especially sensitive to the deterioration that is taking place in it, both the Management and its employees assume the commitment to conserve resources resources and bet on the sustainable development of its activities according to the following principles of action in terms of environmental management:

Identify environmental aspects, continuously improve them and prevent pollution.
Consider environmental concern in the design, planning, construction and development of services.
Comply with legislation, applicable environmental regulations and other requirements.
Control and reduce the use of products that are harmful to the environment.
Accessibility Policy:

Commitment to the special needs of customers with disabilities, providing the necessary resources to achieve a high degree of accessibility of our facilities and compliance with DALCO requirements.
Commitment to total integration of all clients regardless of their abilities.
Provision of the necessary means that lead to the reduction of failures and prevention of their appearance.
In this way, the purpose that we pursue as a company will have a multiplier effect in the homes of each of the members of the human team and of the clients, so that not only will the activities of our establishments be more respectful of the environment, but also the activities carried out by the inhabitants of the Hotel.

For the application of the principles established in this policy, action plans, objectives and documented environmental management goals will be developed that allow us to continuously improve the level of our behavior. The evaluation of the effectiveness of said plans and their implementation will be based on the performance of periodic environmental audits and on the review by the Management of the results. This Policy will be reviewed periodically in order to adapt it to the needs and circumstances at all times, being communicated to all the people who make up this company and facilitating its accessibility both for them and for our clients in general.