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Discover "Running from the Storm"

We invite you to participate in our exciting game "Running from the Storm", designed for intrepid hikers like you.

Experience unique in Benimaurell

Are you ready for a unique experience surrounded by nature that will challenge your skills and connect you deeply with the environment of La Vall de Laguar? We invite you to participate in this exciting game near our Hotel Restaurant Alahuar.

A unique experience that will challenge you and connect you with the beauty of La Vall de Laguar. "Running from the Storm" is much more than a game; It is an exciting adventure designed for intrepid hikers who want to solve enigmas, discover charming corners and learn to harmonize with nature in the mountains.

"Running from the Storm" is played in an innovative and immersive way. All you need is your smartphone. When you arrive at the starting point, simply click here to access the website to follow the puzzles and clues that will guide you throughout this exciting adventure.

So easy and fun! We invite you to join us in this unique experience in which technology is combined with nature to create an unforgettable challenge in La Vall de Laguar.

In this adrenaline-filled challenge, you will become an intrepid hiker with a crucial mission: find shelter before the storm breaks in La Vall de Laguar. With 8 puzzles to solve, a distance of 0.7 kilometers to travel and a time limit of 60 minutes, this adventure will test your ingenuity and your ability to adapt in the middle of nature.

Are you ready for the storm? As part of "Running from the Storm" you will connect with the environment in a way you have never experienced before. Your main task will be to solve puzzles that will guide you through the most charming corners of La Vall de Laguar.

As you continue your search for refuge, you will find yourself immersed in the natural beauty of this stunning place. You will discover secret corners and hidden places that will leave you in awe, while the pressure of time adds an exciting element to your experience.

The Adventure in La Vall de Laguar:

In "Running from the Storm", you will immerse yourself in an exciting search for refuge in the middle of nature. As an intrepid hiker, you will face enigmas that will guide you along unknown paths and lead you to discover magical places that only a few have had the privilege of experiencing.

Where does this exciting journey begin? Go to the starting point, located at the entrance to the town, next to the covered bench. Here you will receive the necessary instructions and everything you need to start your adventure.

But "Running from the Storm" is not just about finding shelter. It is also an opportunity to learn to harmonize with the nature that surrounds you. Don't worry if you get lost along the route or get stuck on a track: you will have a map so you don't get lost and the light bulb icon to recover tracks.

Game "Running from the Storm":

8 Enigmas: Test your wits and solve intriguing riddles as you explore the stunning landscapes of La Vall de Laguar.
0.7 Kilometers: Adventure through this tour that will take you to charming and secret corners of the region.
60 Minutes: Will you be able to find shelter before the storm breaks? The clock is ticking, get ready for adventure!

Stay at our Alahuar Hotel Restaurant, express your curiosity and adventurous spirit with "Huyendo de la Tormenta". This is one of those experiences that will challenge you and leave you with indelible memories.

So, are you ready to accept the challenge and immerse yourself in an adventure that will connect you with the beauty of La Vall de Laguar?

Join us in "Running from the Storm" and live a unique experience that will challenge you and connect you with nature like never before with Poseidon Hotels!

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