Party Remember 90's in La Estación

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Party Remember 90's

This coming August 12, remember the 90s with Poseidon Hotels. Go back to the past thanks to our musical day set in the 90s and early 2000s. Experience the greatest hits of the time thanks to our DJs at our La Estación hotel.

We can't deny it, the 90s were cool! Do you miss the good music of back then? Do you want to relive that golden age? You are not the only one, at Poseidon Hotels we also remember that time with affection.

Remember 90's Party at Poseidon Hotels

Therefore, this August 12 we have a proposal for you: A journey through time. Despite sounding a bit crazy, we want to offer you the chance to travel back in time, even if it's just for a day. We want to recall the best hits of the time such as: Green Day, REM, Oasis, Loquillo, Nirvana, Social Security, Hombres G, Fito and the Fitipaldis...

We don't want any piece to be missing on this temporary journey. For this reason, our DJs will be at the controls this day, the journey will take place on August 12 at the La Estación hotel. The duration of the trip will be from 12:00 in the morning to 20:00 in the afternoon. And we must not forget the mythical foam party of those years and it will help us to cope with the heat of Benidorm.

At the Hotel La Estación

The great convenience of having the party held at the Hotel La Estación is that you can park your car in our car park and use it as a reference to move freely around Benidorm.

Being located at the entrance of Benidorm, you have quick access to the motorway so you can not only explore Benidorm but also visit the surrounding towns and cities. This party can offer you, not only a regression to the past, but a unique opportunity as tourism and disconnection.

If you go through Benidorm, it is essential that you walk through the historic center and visit the Balcón del Mediterráneo as a finishing touch to this 90s night.

A trip to remember

Next August 12 will be a day to "remember". In addition, our fun and refreshing foam party will take you back in time without forgetting the present Benidorm sun. Enjoy with our foam cannons and DJs with Poseidon Hotels.

At Hotel La Estación we will create a party for everyone where you can relive the good times of one of the best decades. With a repertoire full of great hits, the most recent night in Benidorm promises to be unforgettable. Come with whoever you want and don't forget your pica pica powder!

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