Holiday Between Two Seas

So far we have come! No more excuses about stressful work, that life with children leaves no time for anything and life as a couple is extinct.

Here, between two seas, is your salvation. A hotel, uniquely and exclusively made for adults , where the only child's voice you will hear, will be the video that the grandparents send you as proof that they are fine.

A room with views of the Mediterranean Sea and / or the Mar Menor awaits you, you only have to turn your neck a few degrees to lose yourself in one or the other.

In addition, as we want to influence relaxation, we have more than 1400m2 of Spa , with treatments intended for your body to enter into such relaxation, that the path between the hotel and the sea, you will levitate like a fakir. And not only treatments, you will find hot tubs, swimming pools with different waters and, as we warned you at the beginning, two seas in which to stroll and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Because in this small tongue of land, known as La Manga, which serves as the border between two seas, we have reproduced this paradise in the form of a hotel intended only for adults.

Now you have to decide, who has to stay with the children.
The time of year you've been waiting for so eagerly has finally arrived. Holidays! Let's be honest, how many times a year do you have the opportunity to enjoy down time with your partner or friends? Surely not enough. For that reason, we think you've earned a rest. If you have children, no problem. Who doesn’t have a grandmother who is looking forward all year long to seeing them? Greet her with a lot of affection and promise her a thousand and one souvenirs. Once the deal is sealed, you may notice a slight grin on your face. Time is wasting! As soon as you get home, think about who you would like to come with, get yourself in front of a computer, and make that reservation. Now! Once you cross the threshold and see the reception desk, you can relax at long last. As the title of this little blurb indicates, our hotel is intended only for grownups. In the loungers around the pool, the only thing you will be able hear is the air produced by the turning pages of your book. We also have an extensive program of activities, plenty of shows, and an expert hand with cocktails. One of our great secrets is our Spa. However, to find out more, you'll have to read the next section. Before closing, allow us to mention that you may notice that our souvenir shops are jammed. Be sure to get your shopping in asap.
You have come here to rest and relax. And we have 1,400 m2 set aside to make that possible. We refer, of course, to our SPA, which apart from being, well, huge, offers all the treatments your body is begging for, thanks, above all, to the cosmetics of Germaine de Capuccini. You will find yourself immersed in baths of wine or milk, like Cleopatra herself. You will receive relaxing massages, when you'll leave behind all your cares and woes and recharge your batteries. We will even cover your body with mud from the sea, leaving your skin so smooth that you'll think you've returned to adolescence. Not to mention, our Spa has areas where you can spend hours practicing zoning out and meditating with your mind free of care. You can do it in our small pools with water jets or in the sauna -- up to snuff for even the most exacting Finnish connoisseur. In case you forget where you are after so much tender care, remember, you are by the sea.
Once you get to La Manga, you can make it official: You're on holiday! You will notice that you move a little more slowly, pay less attention to your mobile phone, and that your main concern is, say, to find out if dinner starts at nine or nine thirty. Even so, we are going to ask you for one last effort: When you first enter your room, place yourself in front of the window -- you can open it or leave it closed, we'll leave that up to you -- and slowly stretch your neck to the left and right. Keep your eyes fixed for a few seconds on the Mediterranean Sea, and then repeat the exercise while gazing at the Mar Menor. As we said, we really dislike being stressed out, and we don't want you to be, either. We just want you to you feel sufficiently pampered so you can enjoy relaxing between two seas.
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