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Hotel Poseidon Playa is a 3 * Superior hotel located on the first line of Poniente Beach, in Benidorm.

Poseidon Playa has 300 rooms with magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea , Poniente Beach and the Island of Benidorm, in addition to 6 low cost rooms.

If you are looking to have the beach one step away, our hotel is the best choice . Opposite is the Paseo de Poniente, the work of the architect Carlos Ferrater awarded by the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design. Along the more than 3 km of the promenade you will find everything you may need during your holidays
When you first enter one of our rooms, you instantly become one of the most envied people on the planet, or, at least, in Benidorm. You will gaze upon the Mediterranean Sea from a privileged vantage point, and you will then realize that, when we say that we are on the beachfront, it means we are right on the beach! But not everything is seen with the eyes when we face the sea, we also experience loftier visions. Maybe you’ve said it before yourself: "I'm going to strip off my shoes and go running on the beach every day," or "I'm going to buy some goggles to go snorkelling.” We at Poseidon Playa wish to place no obstacle before that onrush of carefree optimism and wholesome fun, which explains our choice of this fine location.
How would you describe the city of Benidorm to others? The simplest idea would be to divide the city into two halves; the East, where sea winds blow, and the West, with its softly rising slopes. Between the two lies the old town, a human frontier. The centre of Benidorm is full of hidden nooks and crannies, as well as many restaurants, where you can sample the best local cuisine on offer. More casually, you can snack on some tasty waffles that will take your thoughts back to the heart of Brussels, or head for Alameda Street, known as the mecca of the Gin and Tonic, and end your day of vacation on a high note. By the way, we are located right on Poniente beach. They say it's the quietest part of the city. Why not discover that for yourself?
Our entertainers and activity leaders have a bit of a fixation: they don't like to see anyone standing still! They have managed to put together a programme suitable for all ages. Whenever you walk by the Hotel, you can tell that something is always going on: You see children testing their marksmanship shooting at a target, immersed in cosplay, playing a sport, or listening to the stories that our entertainers have crafted to launch one and all on an exciting adventure. When it's the parents' turn, the children will be shocked to discover their elders’ hidden side. Parents who could only talk about their work, or how to pay the latest bills now strive to be the top scorer in water polo, engage in some summertime Dirty Dancing, or practice to become the next Eurovision contest winners. As for our entertainment staff, we have no idea how they manage to go 24/7 with all that energy. What we do know is that you will thankfully be in expert hands.
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