Family Holidays

Like the small Gallic village of Asterix and Obelix, you will find the Hotel Playas de Torrevieja facing the sea . And as they do there, we have our own magic potion to make family vacations unforgettable.

Starting with our large capacity rooms , with the exact size to find yourself at your ease and just enough space to control the whole family.

From here the road to fun will start, since our entertainers, charged with duracell batteries, do not stop, creating activities for the whole family . Of course, if you are in a hammock and book, you will also find your corner, to fill you with peace.

Speaking of corners, we have dedicated a fairly large one to the little ones, we have called it Pulpi Splash Park , a pool with games for them to enjoy and parents can rest easy.

As you can see we have not left a gap that is not prepared for the whole family, in addition to being accessible, in the strict sense of the word, since we have accesses, facilities and rooms for people with reduced mobility.

Now it only remains to gather the whole family and discover a real vacation.
The city of the sun offers many possibilities when it comes to programmed activities. Our entertainers have just the plan for entertaining your whole family. You will see your children having a great time playing board games or running around with their new friends. You can show how a chess game doesn't end with the bishop's check, or that, even if you are not able to win a game on the PlayStation, you do have a lot of skill with a bow. Quite nicely, you will see that anyone who seemed to be addicted to stress sheds every bit of it, little by little. You may very well be surprised to see how your friend or partner is able to memorize and reproduce the full choreography of "No Rompas Mas ", courtesy of Coyote Dax. There's also a surprise for the children, by the way, but, gosh, we can't give everything away…. Well, alright! If you can keep a secret, we can tell you that his name is Pulpi, one who wanders around the hotel and will definitely not go unnoticed. We're guarantee you’ll like him.
It could be said that we have views with rooms. And while in them, we have noticed the following symptoms in our guests: first, they begin to gaze at the sea, discovering the different blues that merge into a colourful amalgam; next, they succumb to total relaxation while watching the to and fro of the waves that gently break right on the beach; then, they are amazed to notice the little boats rocking in the distance, blurring the horizon; and once having reached this state of total tranquillity, they lose themselves before such beauty, and only the cries of the seagulls may stir them from their gentle dreams. In consequence, the hotel management suggests looking in the opposite direction from the sea, oh, say, every 3 or 4 hours. This amount of beauty simply cannot be processed by a single human being for too long.
When you go on vacation, you always look for the same thing: space. Space to think, space to relax, space to enjoy and do whatever you want. To that glorious end, in addition to being the latest, our rooms have a feature that stands out above all: space. Or, as the technical terms in the hotel industry would have it, these are spacious, ample, roomy rooms. Given that any self-respecting family ends up reducing all that space by buying some gadgets; such as sand shovels - for who hasn't ever dreamt of lying on the shore doling our right-hand shots like Rafa Nadal at his tennis finest -- or a crocodile-shaped mat; or some flip flops for crossing the rocks; or perchance a fishing rod, a volleyball, a pair of jelly shoes - cheaper at the beach; or a bunch of souvenirs for family back home; and, on occasion, the whole nine yards in snorkelling gear for exploring the seabed around the area. As you can see, our rooms are not roomy just by chance. We all like to have our space. So why not treat yourself to a whim or fancy of whatever kind; you're on vacation!
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