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A paradies in
That the Mediterranean Sea cradles you and when you wake up you find a wild beach, and all without the lottery. No, it is not a dream. You are at the Hotel Playas de Guardamar. 

We are located in front of Playa del Moncayo, where its dunes, vegetation and place, make it an unforgettable and enviable beach for everyone. And it is that in less than 3 minutes, you go from your room to your towel on the beach

And, as you will see, we make a lot of incidence that you do not lose sight of the sea, that's why all our rooms are overlooking the Mediterranean

And it is that if we give importance that you enjoy the sea, also that you do it as a family. That is why our animation is for everyone , from the little one who can relive battles in the ball pool, to the pool games for the more "adults" or those dance classes that delight any hip.

So if you have read this far, your next step is to choose when you visit us and how many swimsuit models you are going to attract. 

PS: The average water temperature is 28º in summer and does not drop below 20º in winter, come on, you can take a bath without wetsuit.
We are going to tell you a little secret: at seaside resorts everything moves more slowly. Forget the stress of the metro, the queues to get on the bus, or having to hear that all-too-typical phrase, "I need that for tomorrow." Here things move along differently. Nobody, and we mean nobody, is in a hurry. We heartily recommend that you synchronize your pace with that of a some randomly-chosen local denizen, and let your biggest concern be deciding what time you drink the first beer. And if it's a question of disconnecting, what better way to accomplish that than with a beach right next to your bed. Being on the beachfront does indeed have its advantages: you will sleep better, you will quickly spot the best places to sunbathe, and, when you return home that day, you will be able to truthfully say that seagulls composed songs for you. As a last tip, if you want to go all out, you can take a walk and explore the dunes that surround the hotel.
We realize that vacations are usually associated with rest, but we also enjoy seeing our clients also do things that they cannot do in their day-to-day lives. That’s why we have an entertainment team standing by to delight you. You will move your hips at odd hours, you will score goals worthy of a Ballon d'Or, and, of course, you will have sore muscles in places that you didn't dream even existed. But that's not all! You'll also find yourself immersed in pirate stories, tales about the Legend of Castillo de Guardamar, or attending costume parties for the whole family. At Hotel Playas de Guardamar, we have things to do for all tastes and ages. To us, the birth date on your passport means nothing. The only thing that matters is that you have fun.
If your children ask to stay at Hotel Playas de Guardamar, that's because we are literally made for them. Our playground alone will make young children lose track of time. Here, games and hobbies are enjoyed together, say, in competing for the best drawing, or, above all, in forging friendships for life. But the highlight is our children's pool. Here they can play, becoming swashbuckling pirates or sea explorers, but most importantly, what they will really be fighting, and beating, is the heat. Meanwhile, parents can relax in the adjacent pool, talk about how well their kids splash about and their progress in swimming lessons, dreaming of finding the next Olympic Gold medallist. All with the peace of mind that the lifeguard will be watching over each of their movements. Don’t be surprised if you end up creating a WhatsApp group with the other parents you meet at the Hotel.
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