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It is not easy to have theme parks in one hand and, in the other, some beaches where you can let the sun decorate your body. But at the Hotel La Estación we put it one step away, with an exit to the roads, which any person from Madrid would want, 10 minutes from the center and a comfortable, free parking , to forget about the car during all your holidays.

And, we can boast of having a pool with views of the sea and the mountains , a gym where you can cultivate your body and some hammocks where you can cultivate your intellect, but above all, we can boast that our location, opposite Benidorm, is enviable.

In addition, as the comfort of our guests is going, if you are one of those who like to party in the hotel, without taking more walks than from a bar to a hammock, we have “saraos” for all audiences, with groups that will take you to the hoarseness and constant humming, activities and a party ending that you will remember with the best of dreams.

We can continue to tell you much more about us, but we believe you deserve to discover it. We will wait for you here.
Our hotel has ample available parking. Ideal for people who choose to come to Benidorm by car. There are many advantages to doing so, as Benidorm is surrounded by charming villages. Among them, Altea stands out, a place where you will find a fantastic marina, or can take a walk until you reach the church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, where you will be impressed by its impressive dome, which presides over the old town. And if what you are after is to discover intimate nooks and hideaways, you simply have to visit El Albir. Its immense beach will dazzle you, but we warn you, don't forget your jelly shoes. If you decide to go for a swim, you will understand why. For those who are not very fond of sand, so much the better, as you come out as clean as you went in, free of sandy grit. We could go on and on about the stunning towns that dot the area, but far better that you discover them on your own when you come to visit. Definitely the place to be. Plus, free parking!
If there is anything we are proud of at Hotel La Estacion, it's the size of our rooms. They are ideal! For people travelling alone, allowing them to be a little laxer with keeping tidy. For couples very much in love, since that many kisses and hugs deserve to be wrapped in a large, welcoming space. For families with children, because as you know well, when you go on vacation with the little ones, you carry a lot more baggage. For groups of stylish friends, as they will be able to change clothes as often as whim or fancy requires. Whether you think you need all that space or not, once you've tried our rooms, you won't deny that they are truly spacious.
When they said that all roads lead to Rome, they were mistaken. For all roads lead to... Hotel La Estacion! We at La Estacion feel that access to our hotel should be effortless. If you like to drive and lose yourself on the road, you will have as many options for reaching us as your point of departure may allow. You can come by toll road -- the off ramp is merely 300 meters away -- or via the national highway. Alternately, if you are someone who just after arriving simply has to explore the local terrain, you can arrive from the centre of Benidorm. As you can see, we haven't yet even mentioned that the Hotel sits right above the bus station. We are trying not to boast. You see, we are simply the best-connected hotel in all Benidorm.
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