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There are places that are made to discover them in two ways, on foot and eating. One of them is undoubtedly La Vall de Laguar.

Ideal point for lovers of hiking , or for those who want to go for a walk and see more than just asphalt and buildings. Because the landscapes, greens, cherry blossoms and small places full of magic from other times combine very well. Where the true pleasure of walking is enjoying everything around you.

Now, once the mileage has passed, the body deserves an award, we have decided that it is gastronomically . Discovering the other part of the valley, that of the Km0 products, which will make your palate a temple of taste. And is that if you try our baked rice, figatells or artisan cocas, you will not want to try even the best stew from grandma.

Of course, after such a day, it is time to rest , which is why we have prepared our bungalows with the best amenities, even so that you do not lose sight of El Valle, you will find hot tubs in an ideal position to recognize you.

And for the most "moved" we keep one last surprise, our Rabet de Gat room, because when the lights go out, the fire lights up.
A Whirlpool Bath inside your room never hurts, more so if you have something to celebrate as a couple. You may think that a Jacuzzi is just a large bathtub with bubbles. Sorry, but you're much mistaken. Here at Alahuar, that idea could not be further from the truth. For starters, we have not placed a wall in front of you; rather. we have spread out an entire valley before you, namely the Vall de Laguar, which you can enjoy thanks to the large windows offering a panoramic view of its mountains and the sea beyond. What better way to take it all in than with your partner, a good glass of cava, and, if you pick them carefully, some cherries from the area. From here, your only limit is the one your imagination allows. Surely, you'll never feel the same about a Whirlpool Bath  now that you have just enjoyed one to the fullest.
You can sample the local cuisine in our fine restaurant. We like to think that our secret ingredient is the care our chefs put into every dish. Here you will lick your fingers after tasting our traditional fare, baked rice or a vegetable stew with meatballs. Moreover, if you are one of those who think that one first eats with one's eyes, or that the surroundings can influence one's ability to truly savour a fine dish, welcome to the club. Our restaurant has vaulted ceilings and spectacular views of the Vall de Laguar. Let your eyes wander freely as you gaze out over the tranquil valley. If your dinner marks a very special occasion with a before and an after in your life, we suggest you try our cellar. Here you can enjoy a more intimate atmosphere before a fireplace and among good company. Don’t forget, though; if you still haven't visited the Barranco del Infierno, organize a walk there before returning home. For it may just be the case that your favourite trousers have just gotten a tad tighter.
Surely you remember the day you bought your first boots. You simply had to have them to enter into the wonderous world of hiking. From then on, each weekend you would trundle off with your partner to hike the mountain. Every time you would watch Jesus Calleja on his TV show, or another explorer on your local TV, you were a tad envious. You wanted to be part of that. So now we might say that though time may have gone by since then, fate itself has decided for us to meet. Now that you have made your way to us, we welcome you to the place we call our "Cathedral of Trekking”. The experience of exploring the Barranco del Infierno (Hell's Gulch) cannot be more different from what its name suggests. You will discover one of the most beautiful places along the coastal interior, you will traverse its more than six thousand Moorish steps, or gaze at the paintings that decorate the small caves dotting the entire area. Start polishing your boots, you have a long trek ahead!
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